Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We, the People of the Blue States…

We, the People of the Blue States…

Usually, during Presidential inaugurations, Presidents use a language that unifies the nation, as well as quotes from our founding fathers.  They usually mention our classical traditions and values. They are bipartisan and conciliatory speeches which appeals to the vast majority of our citizens, regardless of which state they come from.  They do not attack members of the other party and even less so the other party’s defeated presidential candidate. Inaugural Addresses are inclusive not exclusive . They have a conciliatory purpose, and example being Lincoln’s second inaugural event which centered on “renewal”. Why is this important?

President Obama used the term “We the People” in his recent inaugural address, as his selective bipartisan, unifying phrase. However the context  of his speech invalidated the preplanned effect of this phrase; that is to say, the effect it has when it forms part of the U.S. Constitution.  In addition, the effect of the phrase was invalidated by his indirect criticism  of Romney and the  GOP.   He uses this constant attack almost daily  while using his presidential bully pulpit in his never ending campaign.  This is very reminiscent of  Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

President Obama’s inaugural speech also  attempts  association with Martin Luther King and President Lincoln, two of the most admired and respected heroes of our American society.  But in Lincoln’s second inaugural speech his two most important themes were: Renewal and Reconciliation.  This is in sharp contrast to President Obama’s attitude towards his opponents.  Martin Luther King’s exceptional ability to gather the backing and sympathy toward his patriotic demands, also contrasts with President Obama.   Obama focuses on gathering the predetermined groups in society with whom he has a shared interest,  and disregarding others.  Contrast Reverend King who drew followers from all facets of life: white and black people; women and men; heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexual;  and poor as well as  rich.   Similar to President Reagan he gathered in his tent all those who wished to enter.

A large group of the People were completely ignored in Obama’s speech.  Namely, those in  the 24 out of the 50 states of the U.S. that did not vote for him.  The speech adorned with the words, “We, the People” .. only addressed the four very progressive agendas that his very progressive constituency want during  his second presidential period.   It is, as if the people of those 24 Conservatives States (Red States) who did not support him did not exist.  He thus he ignored 48% of the "people" in the United States.  

This does not fulfill what the Constitution demands from him.  He is the head  of the Executive Branch of our government.   His speech can be considered  instead as the speech of an autocratic government who is telling his minions what he wishes to enforce.   He has shown himself  to not be the President of all the United States people but instead the president of the 26 Blue States that gave him the presidential victory.   Really, his inaugural phrase should had been, “We the people of the Blue  States …”

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